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Toyota Hybrid Vehicles

We offer a modern, eco-friendly solution in the shape of our Hybrid range of vehicles. Utilising the petrol-electric Toyota Hybrid System, these vehicles have been expertly designed to allow for better performance on every journey. Learn about the Toyota Hybrid range by giving our dealership a call today.



All it takes is a gentle press of the accelerator to feel the hybrid engine whirl into action. When moving at lower acceleration speeds, the power required is provided by the electric engine. This results in enhanced fuel efficiency and low emissions.


Unlike conventional petrol engines that consume fuel even when idle, a hybrid engine switches off its petrol engine while decelerating and stopping, which minimises emissions and saves fuel efficiently. The electric motor is immediately ready to take off, for a smooth and seamless ride.


Go the distance and more with Toyota Hybrid. Enjoy fuel efficiency in various driving conditions. Whether the drive is in city traffic or the wide-open road; the hybrid system leverages the petrol engine and electric engine to power the wheels and electric generator. The battery charges through regenerative braking. Whenever you brake, energy is recycled to charge the battery. Thus, giving you a quiet and smooth ride without having to fill up as regularly compared to a conventional car.


Braking immediate responsiveness and efficiency for deceleration are some of the benefits of a hybrid system. While conventional cars lose energy when braking, the Toyota Hybrid system charges itself and boosts system efficiency when braking. Due to the highly effective regenerative braking system, the kinetic energy usually lost during braking is transformed into electricity which is stored in the hybrid battery.


Need to make a swift and efficient move? No problem. When the speed increases, the powerful petrol engine is engaged. And when more acceleration is needed, power from the petrol engine and hybrid system are utilised to deliver the ultimate boost. In conjunction with the Electronically Continuously Variable Transmission, the acceleration is smooth and steady compared to a conventional vehicle.


Fuel efficiency

Because all Toyota Hybrids are self-charging, they feature regenerative braking technology, which means electricity produced when you brake or coast is stored in the battery. This helps you to travel even further on pure electric drive and makes your journey even more fuel-efficient.


By switching seamlessly between silent electric drive at low-speed and efficient petrol power when speeds increase, Toyota Hybrids also offer class-leading CO


Thanks to the benefits of our regenerative braking, the cost of replacing parts is reduced as Toyota Hybrids produce less wear and tear of brake pads, clutch and alternator, thus reducing the risk of unforeseen costs in the future.

Quiet Feeling

When you step into a Toyota Hybrid and select the Electric Vehicle (EV) mode, you will be pleasantly surprised to hear nothing at all. Experience incredible silence and serenity when you turn on the engine and enjoy a smooth ride with the EV mode, which also produces zero emissions. Now, that’s what we call inner peace.


The message is clear – Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) wholeheartedly supports the Paris Agreement and accepts the challenge to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050. The Paris Agreement is a legally-binding international treaty on climate change and is aimed at reducing the emission of gases that contribute to global warming. While this treaty was only adopted in 2015, Toyota has been innovating and investing in technology to reduce emissions and achieve carbon neutrality for well over 30 years. Toyota has also led the way with more electrified vehicles on the road than any other automaker.

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